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Inspired by the aesthetics of England's 1960's and the Cafe Racer spirit

Bullit Motorcycles combine vintage aesthetics and modern design. In the family of light motorcycles, our models stand out for their assertive looks. Drawn from the London racing codes of the sixties, they are inspired by the sturdy and sharp machines of the time. Their slim, characterful design awakens the rocker and adventurer in you. Voluntarily restricted, our line-up includes a few 125cc and 50cc motorcycles, without any compromise on design or style. Making vintage style and power accessible? That’s the line Bullit has set itself. Step up to the Bullit Hero, a powerful scrambler with a radical new look, a range of upgraded features and tires that are as atypical as the riding position. The Bullit Hero 125, with its impressive, well-groomed off-road styling, smells like off-roading!


Easy to ride in the city, it offers a low-slung driving position and an ultra-powerful look. The Bullit Spirit 125 hits hard with its style that has nothing to do with a scrambler. The cafe racer spirit is there: in the retro look as well as in the driving position. Slim and compact, the Spirit is easy to handle and suitable for smaller vehicles that want to look their best on café terraces. It’s not afraid to climb up the towers and holds its course even in the fast lane! Perhaps you prefer the elegant and traditional look of the Bluroc, the most popular of our range? This reinvented classic feels good on any terrain! Or maybe you will be seduced by the compact and timeless design of the Bullit VBob, or the devastating and classic look of the Hunt S. At the wheel of which Bullit will you assert your true nature?

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