Even before you see it arrive, you can recognize the Bullit motorbike by the sound of its engine sputtering. And then it is its reported look, which seduces the lovers of retro bikes. “The noise, the look”: more than a motorbike, it’s a style that holds the eyes! It draws its inspiration from the England of the sixties, where young people used to race in the city on motorbikes that had been converted
into Sporty models: the “Café Racer” style was born. These sturdy and sharp machines inspired our motorbikes. A rocker at heart or a lover of the timeless style of old English machines? Then take a trip back to the atmosphere of London racing, at the wheel of a 125 motorbike with a slim design and full of character. Coffee or no coffee, Bullit motorbikes take you in style to where you need to be.


In 2013, two young Belgians in love with motorbikes and the Café Racer spirit set out to make accessible motorbikes that combine retro aesthetics and modern technology. Bullit was born from this desire to offer motorbikes at an affordable price with a style that is definitively fixed and drawn from the codes of the 60s. No compromises: neither on design nor on style. That’s the guideline they are given. In the 125 family, the Bullit motorbike stands out for its inimitable character: to ride a Bullit is to see heads turn as it goes by. The roar of the engine holds your ears, its bad-girl look with its slender, sharp curves catches the eye.

Are you a rocker or a bad girl at heart? State it steering your Bullit!

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Riding your Bullit, assert your attitude

Imagine yourself on a summer evening, riding your Bullit. The muffled rumble of the engine, its provocative curves, its leather with a patina that smells like the England of the 60’s awakens your hidden instincts. On the road, you let your true nature express itself. A feeling of total freedom comes over you as you hurtle down the road at the wheel of your motorbike. You reconnect with your spirit of adventure, conquering authentic sensations. Tailored for the road, your Bullit motorbike will take you where you want to go… even off the beaten track! Its uncompromising design takes advantage of modern technology and offers a riding flexibility that will seduce aspiring and experienced bikers, wise riders or off-road kings.

When you ride your Bullit, no one tells you what to do

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Assert your style with boldness. Taste total freedom. Reconnect with authentic sensations. Treat yourself to a moment where pleasure is king. Shine on the road or on the café terraces. Ride the Bullit Hero, a powerful scrambler with a radical look and off-road capability. Step into the Bullit Spirit and embrace the café racer spirit in style and posture. Wrinkle your Bluroc with timeless elegance or wreak havoc with the striking look of the Hunt S. Wrinkle with power and class – you deserve no less

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