Alex Lambrechts' Spirit 125

Internationally Renowned Photographer

Posted 2 years ago

Leading figure in the world of Photography rides a Spirit 125

Alex Lambrechts is nothing less than one of the top photographers on this planet. Passionate, involved and always working on personal projects, Alex has laid his acute eyes on Bullit's CafeRacer, the Spirit 125.
We met Alex for the first time the day we brought him the Spirit 125 Black&Gold. The meeting, that was originally suppose to take a few minutes, went on until much later that afternoon. The stories of his captivating history, his travels around the world and his inspirations made the time fly.
We look forward seeing more of Alex's stunning shots and hope that he will enjoy riding his Spirit 125 as much as we enjoy seeing his work. You should definitely check out his website and insta-profile.
Want to know more about the bike Alex is riding? The only real 125cc CafeRacer you can get in Switzerland? Check it out by clicking on the button below.
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